Hog Production Industry Review

The Clean Environment Commission as requested, by the Minister of Conservation, will review the environmental sustainability of the hog production industry in Manitoba.


Terms of Reference

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Background Information

The information in this section was provided by government agencies and other institutions and organizations. It is for information only and has not been interpreted or analyzed by the CEC.
IISD- Phase II Policy/Process Review
Report on Private Interviews
George Morris Centre Economic Review
Enforcement Actions
Pig Production Statistics
IISD - Phase I on Watershed Management
Water Licensing Statistics
Auditor's Report
Farm Practices Protection Board Statistics (since 1988)

In addition to these public meetings, the Panel will enlist the assistance of "experts", in the issue areas identified, to provide the latest research findings and advice to the Panel. After the conclusion of the public sessions and the delivery of "expert" reviews, the Panel will prepare a report with recommendations to the Minister.

Panel Members

Terry Sargeant (Chair)

Terry Sargeant has been the Chair of the Clean Environment Commission since January 2004. Prior to that, he was the Chief Appeal Commissioner of the Workers Compensation Appeal Commission.
In 1996, following almost twenty years of government service, with the House of Commons and the governments of Manitoba, Yukon and British Columbia, Terry enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, graduating in 1999. Following a year of articling with the Public Interest Law Centre, he was called to the Manitoba Bar in June 2000.
In other activities, he serves on the boards of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Border Crossings magazine, the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals and the Manitoba Council of Administrative Tribunals. Past service has included the boards of the University of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Edwin Yee (Commissioner)

Edwin Yee is a retired environmental consultant with 30 years experience in regulatory management of toxic chemicals, hazardous waste and contaminated sites. Mr. Yee has participated in the development of national and international guidelines and standards for soil quality and petroleum hydrocarbons and provided guidance to the Abandoned Mines Advisory Committee.

Wayne Motheral (Commissioner)

Wayne Motheral is a former president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities. He holds a B.S.A. degree in Agriculture and worked in the soil testing lab at the University of Manitoba for 9 years. He was a councillor for 16 years with the Rural Municipality of Louise. He represented municipalities on several advisory groups to Manitoba Conservation. He also farmed in southern Manitoba in the Snowflake area, and is still actively involved in land stewardship.



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Public Sessions

In March and April, following the scoping meetings (no meetings Spring Break week) a series of public sessions will take place in communities throughout agro-Manitoba to allow groups and individuals to make comment on topics or issues related to hog production of concern to them. The public meetings have been completed. There were 194 presenters appearing before the Panel and 50 written submissions were received.

The public meetings, called as part of the investigation, are only part of the information gathering process and are not the end of the investigation. Preparation leading up to the public meetings has taken many months and will continue after the meetings until the Panel is satisfied it has the necessary information to make an informed recommendation. At the public meetings the Panel expects that it will hear a summary of the company's proposal, public opinions, suggestions for reference materials, other studies or experts that may have more or specific information, topics or questions that the public wishes to be addressed and perhaps even expert testimony.

Become a Participant

Small financial awards will be available to assist, local, community, agricultural and environmental groups and individuals to prepare for representation before the Panel. For more information and an application click on Participant Funding. Applications will now be accepted until the conclusion of the public sessions.
Participant information / application


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The Hearing


Transcripts of daily proceedings from any of our public sessions are available by clicking the link below.
Hog Production Industry Review March 12, 2007 Morden
Hog Production Industry Review April 27, 2007 Winnipeg
Hog Production Industry Review April 17, 2007 Hamiota
Hog Production Industry Review April 16, 2007 Virden
Hog Production Industry Review April 25, 2007 Portage
Hog Production Industry Review March 20, 2007 Dauphin
Hog Production Industry Review April 19, 2007 Brandon
Hog Production Industry Review April 11, 2007 Friedensfeld
Hog Production Industry Review April 18, 2007 Brandon
Hog Production Industry Review March 6, 2007 Stonewall
Hog Production Industry Review May 29, 2007 Winnipeg
Hog Production Industry Review March 8, 2007 Arborg
Hog Production Industry Review March 15, 2007 Emerson
Hog Production Industry Review March 5, 2007 Winnipeg
Hog Production Industry Review April 12, 2007 Friedensfeld
Hog Production Industry Review March 14, 2007 St. Claude
Hog Production Industry Review March 13, 2007 Killarney
Hog Production Industry Review April 10, 2007 Whitemouth



The public meetings have been completed. There were 194 presenters appearing before the Panel. These documents are supplied for information only, for the official and complete proceedings please contact the Commission.
Industrial Hog Barns - Communicable Diseases Occupational Health" Considerations". Presented by Diana Ludwick, MFL Occupational Health Centre.
Presentation by Bob Cherepak.
Presentation by Dwayne Blackbird, Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation.
Cormier, Y., E. Israel-Assayag, G. Racine and C. Duchaine. Farming practices and the respiratory health risks of swine confinement buildings. Eur Respir J 2000:15:560-565.
Presentation by Ed Kleinsasser.
Presentation by Bert Swann.
Our Industry is Sustainable in Manitoba! by Jason McNaughton.
Presentation by Curtis Ewacha.
Presentation by David Kynoch, Rolling Acres Colony, Riverside Colony, Grass River Colony.
Presentation by Cal Dirks.
Edward Stahl, Grass River Colony.
"Beyond Factory Farming, Corporate Hog Barns and the Threat to Public Health, the Environment and Rural Communities. Edited by Alexander" Ervin, Cathy Holtslader, Darrin Qualman, and Rick Sawa. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
Presentation by Andy Gross, Mayfair Colony
Presentation by Craig Mackie.
Presentation by Miriam Nichol.
Presentation by Weldon Newton.
Animals' Angels information brochures.
Presentation by Richard Prejet.
Presentation by Louise Hedman.
Written Submission by Carole M. Ketner.
Presentation by Patrick Prychun - Standard Max Pro Nutrition of Winnipeg.
Larry Hofer, Marble Ridge Colony. Presentation to: Clean Environment Commission (CEC) Scoping Meetings. Review of the "Environmental Sustainability of Hog Production Industry in Manitoba March 2007.
Presentation by Ben Hofer- Rock Lake Colony
Presentation by Scott Lins.
Presentation by Johannes Waldner, Baker Colony.
Various correspondence re: R.M. Daly by-law. Submitted by Joe Dolecki.
Presentation by Alf Poetker.
Impact Calculations for a Hog Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation by Dr. William J. Weida, May 18, 2000. A Grace Factory Farm Project Report. Provided by John Dolecki.
Presentation by Roger Desilets.
Liquid Manure Spreading on Frozen Ground. Exhibit B - John Fefchak.
Presentation by John Fefchak.
Presentation by Sam Hofer - Spring Valley Colony.
Presentation by Marvin Magwood.
Presentation by Vicki Burns, Winnipeg Humane Society
Presentation by Alan Ransom and Wanda McFayden. Farm Stewardship Association of Manitoba.
Presentation by David Manchur.
Animals' Angels investigation report.
Presentation by Lyle Loewen.
Baroni, L., L. Cenci, M. Tettamanti and M. Berati. 2006. Evaluating the environmental impact of various dietary patterns combined with different food production systems.European Journal of Clinical Nutrition:1-8.
Presentation: "Rural Municipality of Hanover Submission to the Clean Environment Commission, Friedensfeld, Manitoba, April 11, 2007". Presented by Doug Cavers.
Presentation by Bob Senff.
Presentation by Rick Vaags.
Whitemouth River Water Quality Testing, 2001-2006.
Presentation by Mickey Hersak.
Presentation by Jonathan Kleinsasser, Crystal Springs Colony.
Presentation: "Industrial Hog Barns - Air Quality Occupational Health Considerations". MFL Occupational Health Centre, Inc., April 2007. Presented by Carol Loveridge.
Presentation by Peter Manness.
Presentation by Brad Schnell, Agri-Trend.
Presentation by Robert and Don McLean.
"Hytek Ltd. Presentation to the Clean Environment Commission, Hearings on the Hog Production Industry Review. By Hytek Community Partners." Presented by Sheldon Stott and Denis Vielfaure.
Presentation by Matt Adema.
Presentation: "Steve's Livestock Transport, Manitoba's Swine Industry". Presented by Rick Peters.
Presentation by Cameron Maendel, Fairholme Colony.
Presentation by Robert Davy, R.M. Lorne.
Presentation: "Factory Hog Industry Review Land Use Planning and Approval" by Hugh Arklie.
Presentation: "Advanced Manure Treatment Technology for Deerboine Colony". EAS Manure Management Technologies. Presented by Melvin Hofer and Dr. Peter Hombach.
Additional information in response to Panel questions from Hugh Arklie.
Farm Stewardship Association of Manitoba information package.
Presentation by John Van Aert.
Clean Environment Commission Hog Production Industry Review, Public Hearing - Arborg Manitoba, March 8, 2007. Presented by Allan Caners.
Presentation: Deerwood Soil and Water Management Association, South Tobacco Creek Project. Presented by: Les McEwan and Gordon Orchard.
Presentation by Normand Prejet.
Master list of documents received to date
Presentation by Sam Gross, Clearview Colony.
Thorne, P.S. 2007. Environmental Health Impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Anticipated Hazards-- Searching for Solutions. Environmental Health Perspectives 115:296-29
Presentation: "Phytase, more than an environmental tool." by Joe Freedy.. J & R Livestock Consultants.
Presentation by Karen Friesen.
Manitoba Environmental Farm Plan Workbook.
Manitoba Egg Producers, Submission to CEC Public Meetings. Presented .by Harold Froese.
"Impact analysis of Intensive Livestock Operations on Manitoba Rural Residential Property Values Five Case Study Locations. Prepared for" Manitoba Pork Coucil. Prepared by: Royal LePage Stevenson Advisors, Spring 2004.
Presentation by Robert Hofer, Wellwood Hutterite Colony
Presentation by Lorne Tannas.
Presentation by Kate Storey.
A Presentation to the: Clean Environment Commission, March 5, 2007. Presented by Brandy Street, Executive Director, MLMMI.
Citizens for Family Farms. "Submission to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission on the Sustainability of Hog Barn Development. Mar. 19, 2007." Presented by Larry Powell.
Jackhead Fishery Reserve 1900, March 8, 2007 by Henry Traverse.
Presentation by Ron Plett. Manitoba Egg Producers.
Presentation text by Ruth Pryzner.
Presentation by Dwight King.
Presentation by George Wipf.
Presentation by Mary Jane Hiebert.
Presentation by Ruth Pryzner.
Presentation by Lyle Peters.
Presentation by Dr. Art. Wiebe.
Presentation by George Matheson.
Presentation by John Steendam
Gilchrest, M., C. Greko, D. Wallinga, G. Beran, D. Riley and P. Thorne. 2007. The Potential of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in Infectious Disease Epidemics and Antibiotic Resistance. Envir. Health Persp.115:313-316.
Presentation by Ian Wishart.
Presentation by Twyla Francois, Animals' Angels e.V.
Pip, E. 2005. Surface water quality in Manitoba with respect to six chemical parameters, water body and sediment type and land use. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 8(2): 105-207.
Presentation by Bryan Ferris.
"Manitoba Cattle Producers Association Presentation to the Clean Environment Commission Hog Production Industry Review. Presented by" Ray Armbruster and Martin Unrau.
Presentation by Stan Toews, Osterwick Farms Inc.
Presentation by Liz Clayton.
The Planning Act and Conditional Use Orders. Exhibit A - John Fefchak.
Presentation: "Presentation to the Clean Environment Commission Hearings, April 11, 2007, Friedensfeld, MB." by Marg Rempel.
Presentation references for Dr. Eva Pip.
Burkholder, J., B. Libra, P. Weyer, S. Heathcote, D. Kolpin, P. Thorne and M. Wichman. 2007. Impacts of Waste from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations on Water Quality. Envir. Health Persp.:115:308-312.
Presentation: "My Passion". Presented by Ray Plett.
Presentation by Jeff Blixhaven.
Presentation by John Whitaker.
"The Puratone Corporation Environment Management System:. March 1, 2007. Revision 10.0.
Submission: "Unger Poultry Ltd and Rose Grove Farms" by Ray Plett.
Presentation by Bill Harrison.
Presentation by Scott Routledge.
Presentation by Al Rogasin.
Presentation: "KONAA Presentation". Presented by Doug Redekop.
Presentation by Philip Hofer, James Valley Colony.
Presentation by Mayor Chris Goertzen - City of Steinbach.
Presentation by Garry Tolton.
Are There "Two" Sets of Laws in Manitoba ? Exhibit D - John Fefchak.
Presentation by Peter Marykuca.
Presentation by Timothy Hofer, Willowcreek Colony
Presentation: "Puratone's Presentation to CEC" by Ab Freig.
Presentation by Ray Timmerman.
Presentation by John Kroeker, Penner Farm Services.
Presentation by Adrien Grenier.
Presentation by Ron Johnston.
Presentation by Real Comte.
Presentation: "Livestock Plagues" by Andrew Nikiforuk.
Presentation by Gerry Blixhaven.
Presentation by Bruce Delgarno.
"Submission to the Elite Swine Conditional Use Hearing Convened by the Municipal Council of the R.M. of Archie, October 23, 2003. Prepared and submitted by: J. F. Dolecki, Department of Economics, Brandon University.
Presentation by Byron Johnson.
Presentation by Carol Clegg.
Presentation by Wendy Friesen
Background material from Ruth Pryzner.
Presentation by Irene Cousins.
Presentation by Mick Hazzledine, Nutrition Partners, Airdrie, Alberta.
Presentation by Kurt Siemens, Manitoba Egg Producers.
Additional information in response to questions by Panel, Alan Baron.
Presentation by Syd Baumel, Animal Watch Manitoba.
CEC Presentation by Lindy Clubb
Written presentation by Twyla Francois, Animals' Angels.
Publication: Tobacco Creek Model Watershed, Water Strategy Blueprint,December 2004.
Presentation: Managing Nutrients in Manitoba's Livestock Industry"", by Alan" Baron.
How Hogs Spread Disease to Workers
"Presentation by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to The Clean Environment Commission Hog Production Industry Review Submission, April 25, 2007. Presented by Ron Bell.
Presentation by Beverly Froese, Public Interest Law Centre.
Presentation by Larry Maendel, Blue Clay Colony.
Presentation by Rick Maendel, Fairholme Colony.
Presentation by Gordon White.
Presentation: Clean Environment Commission, Hog Production Industry" Review, Public Input Hearing". Prepared by: Amber D Farms, April 26, 2007. Presented by Zack Penner.
Submission by Barbara Barkley as read by Norma Tibbets Fefchak.
Donham, K., S. Wing, D. Osterberg, J. Flora, C. Hodne, K. Thu and P. Thorne. Community Health and Socioeconomic Issues Surrounding Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Environ Perspectives 115:317-319.
Presentation by Wayne Nichol.
Presentation by Glen Koroluk, Beyond Factory Farming
Presentation by Ruth Pryzner
"Presentation to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission, Hog Industry Production Review by James Hofer, Starlite Colony, Elie Manitoba."
Presentation by Mike Waldner, Cool Spring Colony.
Considering the Rationales for Factory Farming by Dr. William J. Weida. The Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE). March 5, 2004.
Presentation by Vince Heaman.
Presentation by Irvin Gross, Rolling Acres Colony.
Charavaryamath, C. and B. Singh. 2006. Pulmonary effects of exposure to pig barn air. Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 1:10.
Presentation: "Address to The Manitoba Clean Environment Commission by, Whitemouth-Reynolds Soil and Water Conservation Association, April 10, 2007,-Whitemouth Manitoba. By David Young.
Presentation by Victor Wohlgemuth.
American Society of Agronomy, Certified Crop Advisor. Presented by Eric Gregory.
Presentation: "The Basics & Benefits of Organic Hog Production in Manitoba." Presented by Janine Gibson, Organic Food Council of MB - a chapter of Canadian Organic Growers (COG).
Presentation by Kim and David Shepherd.
Keith Thornton CV.
Presentation: "Alonsa Conservation District. Summary of Water Quality Monitoring Results -2206. Presentation to the Clean Environment Commission, Hog Production Industry Review, Dauphin, Manitoba. March 20, 2007. Presented by Harry Harris.
Presentation by Herb Watson.
Presentation by Bob Schinkel.
Presentation by Sieg Neumann, Councillor, R.M. Morris.
Presentation by Randy Smith and Cheryl Smith Sandpiper Beach/ Lake Manitoba Estatest Association, RM of St. Laurent,MB.
Presentation: "Water Quality and the Swine Industry". Presented by Dr.Eva Pip, University of Winnipeg.
Presentation by Raymond Kleinsasser.
Presentation by Edwin Hofer, Miami Colony.
When Hope has become Hopeless. Exhibit C - John Fefchak.
Presentation by Herm Martens - R.M. of Morris
Presentation by Edward Hofer, James Valley Colony.
Pip, E. 2006. Littoral mollusc communities and water quality in southern Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Biodiversity and Conservation 15:3637-3652.
Clean Environment Commission, Manitoba Hog Industry Review. Public ."Submission- Moving Forward" by Darcy Pauls.
Presentation by David Stead, R.M. Morton
Presentation by Dan Klippenstein, Excel Playgreen Group Inc.
Presentation by Miriam Sweetnam.

For those who do not wish to make a public presentation or written submission, for any number of reasons, the Commission has engaged the assistance of a graduate student from the University of Manitoba to conduct personal interviews with those who wish to express their opinions or concerns outside the public forum.

Written Submissions

The public meetings have been completed. There were 50 written submissions received.
Manitoba Pork Value Chain: Where is it Going and What is Driving it? by Ed Tyrchniewicz and Heather Gregory.
Reference: "Iowa concentrated animal feeding operations air quality study." Iowa State University and The University of Iowa Study Group. February 2002
e-mail: The Isenschmid's
News Release: Glen Koroluk/Dr. Paton.
Letter: Ed Brethour, April 24, 2007.
e-mail: Fred Horbaty
Submission: Cheryl Kennedy Courcelles, May 7, 2007.
Letter: A Final Note on Animal Welfare by Syd Baumel.
e-mail: Stan Saxton, April 26, 2007.
Petition: Environmental Contamination of ecosystems, water, soils and food by antibiotic resistant micro-organisms due to excessive and/or inappropriate antibiotic use in livestock production. Beyond Factory Farming Coalition.
Reference: Chee-Sanford, J., R. Aminov, I. Krapac, N. Garriguies-JeanJean and R. Mackie. 2001. Occurrence and diversity of tetracycline resistance genes in lagoons and groundwater underlying two swine production facilities. App. Env. Micro. 67:1494-1502.
e-mail: Cheryl Kennedy Courcelles.
Submission: Communist Party of Canada.
Hansard: "Third Session - Thirty-Eighth Legislature of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Standing Committee on Legislative Affairs." Vol. LVI No. 8- 6:30p.m., Monday June 6, 2005. Note: Debate on Bill 33 - The Planning Act.
Reference: Onan, L. and T. LaPara. 2003. Tylosin-resistant bacteria cultivated from agricultural soil. FEMS Micro. Letters 220:15-20.
Letter: Glen Suggett, March 12, 2007.
Letter: Nick Carter.
e-mail: Peter Marykuca, April 17, 2007.
Letter: Dave Wiebe.
Submission: "Toward Community-Based Monitoring in the Hog Industry in Manitoba. A paper submitted to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission Hog Production Industry Review 2007. by: Joanne Moyer, Patricia Fitzpatrick and Alan Diduck.
Letter: Peter Marykuca, May 8, 2007.
e-mail: Marcie?
e-mail: Stephanie Mercier, April 26, 2007.
Letter: Kostiniuk Family.
Submission: Emil Egert.
Letter: Lorne Peters.
Letter: Shirley Keys, March/2007.
letter: Jim and Colleen Nichol, March 19, 2007
Letter to editor Western Producer, Bill and Dorothy Massey.
Manitoba's Pork Powerhouse: Is it Sustainable? by Joel Novek.
Reference: "A review of the effects of the livestock industry on the environment and human health. By Dr. Eva Pip, University of Winnipeg. Original presentation: Manitoba Livestock 2000 Hearings, 24 July 2000.Update: 9 December 2000.
Copy of Letter from Gail Cielen, Access & Privacy Manitoba Conservation to Glen Korolouk, April 29, 2005.
Letter: Rick Bergmann, April 29, 2007.
Reference: Swartz, M. 2002. Human diseases caused by foodborne pathogens of animal origin. CID:34, Supplement 3.
References: Ill Fares the Land: Reflections on Sustainable Organic Agriculture. Biodiversity, Journal of Life on Earth. Vol. 7 No. 3 & 4, March, 2007. Submitted by Nick Carter.
e-mail: Peter Marykuca, April 27, 2007.
Letter: Scott Newton.
email: Crystal Johnson.
Submission: Southern Chiefs' Organization Inc.
Letter: John Bannister.
Letter: Mike Waldner, Cool Springs Colony.
e-mail: Mariah Mailman, April 26, 2007.
e-mail: Donald Kavalench.
Letter: Lance Vanbenlan, May 2, 2007.
Written Submission by the Public Interest Law Centre.
Letter: Dan McPherson, Brandon and Area Planning District.
Submission: Syd Baumel.
letter: Denise Trafford, March 19, 2007
Submission: Ruth Pryzner.
Letter: Scott Newton.
e-mail: Dana Medro, April 22, 2007.
Letter: Illegible
Letter: Barbara Barkley, April 30, 2007.
Letter: E. Toews?
e-mail: Joe Leschyshyn, April 27, 2007.
Reference: "Food Safety and Pig Production in Denmark, Controls on antibiotics, veterinary medicines and Salmonella." Prepared by Prof. J. Verner Wheelock and Charlotte Foster. September 2002. Report commissioned by The Danish Bacon & Meat Council.
petition: Larry Powell, March 19, 2007.
email: Kevin Miller.
Hansard: "Third Session - Thirty-Eighth Legislature of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Standing Committee on Legislative Affairs. Vol. LVI No. 9 -9:30a.m., Tuesday, June 7, 2005. Note: Debate on Bill 33 - The Planning Act.
Letter: Dennis Kornelson, Animal Nutrition Association of Canada
e-mail: Marilyn Piniuta, April 26, 2007.
Master list of documents received to date
Reference: McEwan, S. and P. Fedorka-Cray. 2002. Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in Animals. CID:34 (Suppl. 3).
Letter: Henry Rosolowski, April 12, 2007.
Reference: "Intensive Livestock Operations, Health and Quality of Life Among Eastern North Carolina Residents". By Steve Wing and Susanne Wolf, Department of Epideiology, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
internet references: Denise Trafford, February 26, 2007.
Internet references: Denise Trafford, March 28, 2007.
e-mail: Marcel Lennon, April 26, 2007.
Reference: "Report to the State of Iowa Department of Public Health on the Investigation of the Chemical and Microbial Constituents of Ground and Surface Water Proximal to Large-Scale Swine Operations". October - December 1998.
e-mail: Katie Hartle, May 2, 2007.
e-mail: Margaret Gefreiter.
Letter: Denise Trafford, internet references, April 3, 2007.
Submission: The Manitoba Institute of Agrologists.
e-mail: Joe Leschyshyn, May 7, 2007.
Letter: Glen Koroluk, Beyond Factory Farming.
e-mail: Luc Charrier & Jeanine Phillippot.
e-mail: Troy Stozek, April 25, 2007.
Rebuttal: Louise Hedman.
Letter: Picardie Farms.
Letter: Linda Smith.
e-mail: Organic Planet Worker Co-op.
Reference: Chapin, A., A. Rule, K. Gibson, T. Buckley and K. Schwab. 2004. Airborne multi-drug resistant bacteria islolated from a concentrated swine feeding operation. Env. Health Persp.
Letter: Scott and Debra Gilson.
e-mail: Milt Olfert.
Reference: Airborne antibiotic resistant pathogens, research in Ohio.
Letter: John & Judith Bodi.
e-mail: Kaela Kowalke.
Reference: Mirabelli, M., S. Wing, S. Marshall and T. Wilcosky. 2006. Race, poverty and potential exposure of middle school students to air emissions from confined swine feeding operations. Env. Health Persp.:114: 591-596.
e-mail Hearings-Hog Barns Future by John Fefchak.
Submission: Bill Harrison, April 24, 2007.
Letter: Michael Trevan, Dean Agriculture, University of Manitoba
Reference: "The negative social impacts of Manitoba's hog industry and the implications for social sustainability." by Theresa Vandean, Manitoba Legislative Internship Programme, 2002-2003.
Letter: John Fefchak.
Letter: Ray Tetrault.
e-mail: Catherine King, April 21, 2007.
Letter: Michael & Dana Chevalier.



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