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May 26, 2004
March 27, 2004
March 8, 2004
May 13, 2004
March 1, 2004
March 19, 2004
March 25, 2004
March 17, 2004
March 3, 2004
June 7, 2004
June 9, 2004
MH/NCN-1013 State of Minnesota Court of Appeals
March 2, 2004
March 10, 2004
March 28, 2004
April 6, 2004
March 18, 2004
April 13, 2004
March 26, 2004
March 15, 2004
May 25, 2004
May 11, 2004
June 8, 2004
March 22, 2004
March 23, 2004
May 24, 2004
April 8, 2004
May 12, 2004
March 9, 2004
April 7, 2004
April 15, 2004
April 14, 2004
March 16, 2004



CNF-1015 Trends in Canadian streamflow
OTH-1000 Presentation: Scott Kidd
MH/NCN-1021 A Guidebook to the Agreement in Principle: Winter 2001
OTH-1031 Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Secretariat Inc., Dennis White Bird
MC-1001 Presentation: Steve Topping
MH/NCN-1016 The Election Code
MC-1002 The Cooperative Environmental Assessment Process for the Proposed Wuskwatim Generation and Transmission Projects. A Project Administration Team Presentation
OTH-1022 Framework Agreement: Treaty Land Entitlement. D'Arcy Linklater.
MH/NCN-1047 Amendment to response to CEC regarding agreements
MH/NCN-1029 Minnesota Court of Appeals
MH/NCN-1039 Letter regarding meeting
MC-1005 Undertaking MC-82
PCN-1002 Transcript: Minnesota State Senate Committee
OTH-1029 Manitoba's Consultation Process, Manitoba Justice, Heather Leonoff
OTH-1040 Translation of testimony by Caroline Bruyer
OTH-1032 Fox Lake Cree Nation, Robert Wavey
OTH-1019 Land selection and eligibility confirmation process. D'Arcy Linklater
MH/NCN-1010 Wuskwatim Agreement in Principle 2011. Referendum results.
MH/NCN-1041 Information request from CEC re: agreements
OTH-1034 Manitoba Building and Consruction Trades Council, David Martin
OPCN- 1000 O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation, reference material
OTH-1021 Undeveloped Hydro, D'Arcy Linklater
OTH-1026 Consultationn Protocol Guidelines, Manitoba Justice, Heather Leonoff
MH/NCN-1038 Reference materials
OTH-1017 Manitoba Metis Federation, Norval Desjarlais
CNF-1011 Defining forest fragmentation by corridor width ....
OTH-1038 The Winnipeg and Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
PCN-1000 Submission Pimicikamak
CAC/MSOS-1000 Financial results for 2020 Wuskwatim i/S
MC-1006 Undertaking MC-73.
CAC/MSOS 1011 Summary of Manitoba Hydro calculations of wind power economics (corrected)
DRSIL-1004 Letter fro Aboriginal and Northern Affairs to Chief and Council, various information attached
CAC/MSOS-1008 Summary of Manitoba Hydro calculations of wind power economics
CAC/MSOS-1003 NPV and IRR - Illustrative example
MH/NCN-1049 Redirect on Climate Change Science and Global Climate Models
OTH-1004 Thompson Chamber of Commerce, Bob Wall
MH/NCN-1004 Calculation of IRR for 250MW of wind
CAC/MSOS 1013 Closing argument speaking notes
TCN-1000 Presentation: Tataskweyak Cree Nation
CNF-1008 Cowbirds breeding in centeral Applalachians: Spatial and Temporal patterns and habitat selection.
CEC-1005 Cumulative Effect Intensity of Development graph and thresholds
DRSIL-1000 Presenatation by Displaced Residents o South Indian Lake, Justice Seekers of Nelson House
TREE-1002 IR responses
BFN-1002 Site fidelity of female caribou at multiple scales.
CAC/MSOS 1010 Expected export price scenario
CNF-1013 Submission: Sierra Club of Canada
MH/NCN-1036 Undertaking # 69
OTH-1030 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Garnet Boyd
BFN-1001 Woodland Caribou and the Wuskwatim Hydroelectric Project. James Shaefer
CNF-1020 Woodland Caribou Conservation Strategy. Manitoba Conservation. May 2000
PCN-1001 Statement-William Osborne
CEC-1003 Response to motions filed by Community Association of South Indian Lake
TREE-1009 Undertaking #84
OTH-1014 Chemawawin First Nation, Clarence Easter
OTH-1024 Reverend Nelson Hart
CAC/MSOS-1004 Simplified illustrative example of DSM program portfolio design TRC, RIM and CCE
CAC/MSOS-1001 Financial results for low export price scenario
MH/NCN-1002 Witness CVs
OTH-1015 Northern Association of Community Councils, Reg Meade
CNF-1010 Changes in wildlife communities near edges.
MH/NCN-1051 Final Submission
CNF-1027 Response to undertaking #62: Becoming respectable in serious circles.
CNF-1001 Witness CVs
OTH-1006 Norman Regional Development Corporation, Bruce Krentz
MC-1000 Presentation: Cooperative Environmental Assessment Process for the Proposed Wuskwatim Projects. Larry Strachan
CNF-1000 Contact Commission to view
TREE-1000 A house for the times
OTH-1002 Operating Engineers of Manitoba, Jim Murphy
MH/NCN-1052 Comments on Undertaking #78
OTH-1033 Fox Lake Cree Nation
MMF-1002 Various Documents used in presentation
MH/NCN-1026 Participation of the MMF in Public Involvement Activities
OTH-1011 North Central Development, Tim Johnston
MH/NCN-1011 Letter re: Minnesota Energy Security and Reliability Act
MH/NCN-1042 Registered trapline holders for RTL 18
MH/NCN-1003 Wind Economics
OTH-1001 Manitoba Federation of Labour, Rob Hilliard
MH/NCN-1020 Supplemental filing: Alternate routes
MH/NCN-1005 Response to Undertaking Transcript page 789 (Vol. 3).
MH/NCN-1028 March 2004 update: Summary of Consulations with NCN members.
CEC-1000 Letter from Minister
OTH-1003 Allan Ciekiewicz
OTH-1025 Consultation Backgrounder, Manitoba Justice, Heather Leonoff
CNF-1014 Incorporating climate change consideration in environmental assessment.
OTH-1016 Town of The Pas, Mayor Gary Hopper
TREE-1007 IR responses
BFN-1003 Fuzzy structure and spatial dynamics of a declining woodland caribou population.
MH/NCN-1034 Guide Book: Summary of understandings between NCN and Manitoba Hydro regarding Wuskwatim
MC-1007 Undertaking MC-74.
CAC/MSOS-1007 Application, Volume, Chapter 2, Consolidated Revenue Requirements and financial schedules
CAC/MSOS-1002 Financial results for high export price scenario
CNF-1018 Presentation: The valuation of wildlfe habitat in Manitoba Hydro's assessment of the Wuskwatim Development. Dan Soporovich
OTH-1005 INCO Thompson Manitoba, Wayne Schroeder
OTH-1018 Traditional Knowledge, Partnerships, Hydropower and Treaty Land Entitlement, D'Arcy Linklater
MH/NCN-1031 Clarification of wind turbine cold weather considerations
DRSIL-1003 Presentation: Association for Displaced Residents of South Indian Lake. Angus Dysart
MH/NCN-1000 Presentation, Ed Wojcznski
MC-1009 Undertaking MC - 77
MH/NCN-1035 Draft table of contents- Access Management Plan
MIPUG-1000 Presentation: Manitoba Industrial Power Users Group (MIPUG). Bill Turner, Chair.
CAC/MSOS-1005 Reference materials
MH/NCN-1008 Response to CASIL motion
MH/NCN-1040 Letter to MMF
MCN-1000 Presentation: Mosakahiken Cree Nation
OTH1037 Swampy Cree Tribal Council, Frank Turner
CNF-1021 Undertaking #43. Imporatnce of area and habitat hetergeneity fo bird assemblages in temperat forest fragments.
OTH-1008 Granville Lake, William Anderson
CAC/MSOS 1012 Closing Arguments
CNF-1016 Presentation: Robert Hornung, Canadian Wind Energy Association
MMF-1006 Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada's Northwest Boreal Forest
MC-1010 Undertaking MWS-78
CAC/MSOS 1014 Written commetary on environmental impact statement
MC-1011 Undrtaking MWS-79
TREE-1003 IR responses
MH/NCN-1033 Response to questions from Grand Chief Margaret Swan
TREE-1001 Wuskwatim advancement with medium low forecast
MH/NCN-1024 Undertakings 35, 36, 37
CEC-1004 Excerpt from CEAA Assessment Guide
MMF-1004 MMF Interrogatory responses
OTH-1020 Map: Potential hydro easement/Manasan project/NCN Birch Tree Brook selection. D'Arcy Linklater
MH/NCN-1023 Video-Community Profile
MH/NCN-1030 Undertaking MH-49
OTH-1012 City of Thompson, Bill Comaskey
CEC-1001 List of exhibits pre-hearing
CNF-1007 Estiates and population consequences of tetraonid mortality caused collisions with high tension power lines in Norway.
TREE-1008 Presentation: Time to Respect Earth's Resources. Peter Miller
MH/NCN-1037 Manitoba Hydro's TREE/RCM rebuttal
CNF-1019 Public testimony on heritage resources inventory and impact assessment for the Wuskwatim projects. Will Gilmore
OPCN-1001 Presentation: O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation
TREE-1011 Closing Statement TREE and RCM
DRSIL-1005 Engineering poverty: Colonialism and hydroelectric development in northern Manitoba.
OPCN-1002 O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation Map exhibits
BFN-1000 CV: James Schaefer
TREE-1005 IR responses
OTH-1010 Wabowden Trappers Association, Henry Garrick
MMF-1000 Reference materials
CNF-1002 CV William Gilmore
CNF-1003 Presentation: Report on the World Commission on Dams
T18-1000 Video- Ferguson Creek Hydrological Investigation
OTH-1027 Consultation Support Costs Guidelines, Manitoba Justice, Heather Leonoff
MH/NCN-1048 Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Submission
MC-1004 Undertaking MC-80 Advise which recommendations from What You Told Us were not implemented and why.
OTH-1028 Consultation Process, Manitoba Justice, Heather Leonoff
OTH-1036 Putawagan Fishermen's Association, Peter Sinclair
MC-1003 Glenboro-Rugby-Harvey 230kV Transmission Project.
TREE-1006 IR responses
MH/NCN-1013 Minnesota Court of Appeal
MH/NCN-1012 Contact Commission to view
CNF-1023 Undertakig #42 Rough habitat loss model for Wuskwatim power line
OTH-1035 Manitoba Keewatinook Ininew Okimowin (MK), Sydney Garrioch
CNF-1009 Protecting birds from powerlines.
DRSIL-1001 Audio Recording Hydro Development Conference
OTH-1013 Manitoba Metis Federation, Darryl Montgomery
OTH-1039 Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, Nine Youth Members
OTH-1023 Keewatin Community College. Anthony Bos
CNF-1017 Presentation: Manitoba Hydro's use of wildlife habitat models. Dan Soporovich
CAC/MSOS-1006 Summary of Manitoba Hydro enhanced DSM potential vs current program targets
MC-1012 Letter from Manitoba Justice to CIER
MH/NCN-1001 Manitoba Hydro's TREE rebuttal
MH/NCN-1050 Effects on Metis and other Aboriginal people
TREE-1004 IR responses
CNF-1012 Manitoba Wildland- CNF response to TREE-RCM request for additional information
CNF-1004 Presentation: Wuskwatim Generationg Project. Timoth Rudnicki
CAC/MSOS 1009 Reference Export Price Scenario
CNF-1006 Potential Impacts of Wuskwatim Hydro Project on Boreal Biodiversity. Erin Bayne
MH/NCN-1006 Industrial Reference case
MH/NCN-1022 Overview Agreement in Principle. Winter 2001
OTH-1007 Rodney Spence
OTH-1009 Wabowden Trappers Association, Fred Fitzner
MH/NCN-1014 Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation v. Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (Appeal Committee)
DRSIL-1006 Hansard excerpts
TREE-1010 Undertaking #85
MH/NCN-1007 Wuskwatim licences, permits and authorizations
MMF-1001 Hansard (excerpts)


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