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January 13, 2022 12:00:00 AM 13, 2022

The commission has recently released two new reports.  These are Forest Management Approval Process and Review of Legislation and Programs for Sites Impacted by Development.  They are available on the Hearings page.

Participant Assistance Guide Updated

June 3, 2016 1:00:00 AM 3, 2016
The Participant Assistance Application Guidelines and Application form have been updated. Please see the new version at

Procedural Manual Updated

December 9, 2015 12:00:00 AM 9, 2015
The Commission has recently updated its procedural manual to reflect current operating procedures. The manual can be accessed at

New Appointments

July 14, 2015 1:00:00 AM 14, 2015

The Clean Environment Commission recently welcomed new members, Glennis Lewis and Duncan Geisler. We say goodbye to Judy Head and Patricia MacKay.

New Members


The Clean Environment Commission recently welcomed new members, Judy Bradley, Reg Nepinak, Beverly Suek, Neil Harden and John Neufeld. We say goodbye to long standing members Gerard Lecuyer, Ian Halket, Ken Wait, Ken Gibbons and Wayne Sato. Bios can be found under Who We Are tab at the top of our Home Page.

Keeyask Generation Project Report Released

The Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship released CEC's report on the Keeyask Generation Project on May 7, 2014. The Commission Panel's report contained a list of recommendations both licensing and non-licensing, for the construction and operation of the Keeyask Generation Project.Full copy of the report can be downloaded from this website. Printed copies are also available by request.

Keeyask Hearing begins in Winnipeg


The Keeyask Generation Project hearing sessions begin in Winnipeg on October 21, 2013 and run through to December 5, 2013 at the Fort Garry Spa and Conference Centre. Please check out the schedule of events on our website.

Keeyask Motions Hearing to take place October 17, 2013


A motions hearing, regarding the Keeyask Generation Project, will take place on October 17, 2013 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre starting at 9:00 a.m. Four motions will be heard, for more information check out the agenda on the announcement tab. The public are welcome to observe.

Keeyask Generation Project hearing schedule now available


The schedule for the Keeyask Generation project hearings is now available. For details, go to the Participation section of the Keeyask Generation Project Hearing.

Bipole III Transmission Project Report is now available


On July 11, 2013, the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship released the Commission Panel's report and recommendations regarding the licensing of the Bipole III Transmission Project. The report is available in electronic form on our website and in printed form by request.

Keeyask Participant Assistance Application Process Now Open


The Clean Environment Commission is now accepting applications for Participants and Participant Assistance Funding for the Keeyask Generation Project hearing. On project page you will find an application package explaining the process, application forms and supporting documentation that more fully explains the hearing process. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS FEBRUARY 15, 2013.

Bipole III Hearings Ready to Start


The Bipole III Clean Environment Commission hearing starts in Winnipeg, next week, October 1.

The hearings are currently scheduled to take place over eight weeks. The first week is in Winnipeg, Week 2 in Gillam, Week 3 includes Thompson and The Pas, Week 4 the Commission visits Dauphin, Portage and Niverville.

The hearing returns to Winnipeg on October 29. In Winnipeg, two evening sessions, November 1 and November 8, have been set aside for public presentations.

The hearing schedule is available ; daily agendas will be posted as they become available (please be aware they often change so check to see that you have the latest version).

The public is welcome to observe any of the sessions.

If you would like to make a presentation, please register using the on-line sign up process on the website or give us a call. We are also accepting written submissions, the deadline for these submissions is November 1, 2012. A submission can also be submitted on-line through the website.

We look forward to your participation.

Bipole III hearing schedule is now available


The schedule for the hearing sessions for the Bipole III Transmission Project hearings are now available. Go to the Participation section of the Bipole III hearing for more information.

Bipole III supplemental filing


Manitoba Hydro has filed supplemental information to their Bipole III EIS. You may access this information through the Commission website.

Bipole III - Calling for Participants and funding available


The Commission Panel for Bipole III invites individuals and groups to become Participants in the hearing process. Funding is also available to potential Participants to assist with preparation of their submissions. The deadline for applications is NOON, APRIL 16, 2012. Register to be a Participant, download a funding application package and become familiar with the Process Guidelines which outline the responsibilities of a Participant. See Bipole III page for more information.

Updated Procedure Documents Available


The Commission has just made available updated procedural documents that govern the hearing process. The documents include the rules on how a hearing will be conducted as well as identification of the various parties involved and their responsibilities. The documents can be accessed from the 'Understanding the Process' Section under the 'Legislation' tab.

CEC Mobile site


The Commission now has a mobile version of our website. Search for our website on your mobile device to view.

Bipole III


The Clean Environment Commission has received its Terms of Reference regarding Bipole III. Planning for this hearing has just begun, more details will be available in the new year.

Lake Winnipeg Regulation Review Procedures now available


The general procedures for the Commission's review of Lake Winnipeg regulation are now available. Go to the hearing page for this and more information.

Change in membership


The Commission would like to announce changes to its membership. Joining the Commission are Jim Shaw, Muriel Smith and Brian Kaplan. We thank them for their participation and say good-bye to Margaret Allan, John Hreno, Frank Young, Norm Brandon, Gisele Funk and John Harvie.

Lake Winnipeg Regulation Terms of Reference


The Terms of Reference for the Lake Winnipeg Regulation Review have been provided to the Clean Environment Commission by the Minister of Conservation. View them at

Updated Participant Assistance


The Clean Environment Commission has recently updated and improved the documents and instructions on how to apply for and manage Participant Assistance Funding.

The instructions apply to any project where participant assistance will be made available, more specific guidance will also be provided for each project as needed.

There is no Participant Assistance Funding on-going at this time, please take this announcement as information only.

Should funding become available for a particular project, an announcement will be made regarding the project including any specific direction regarding the funding program.

View the updated documents at

Louisiana-Pacific Air Emissions Report Released


On September 10, 2010, the Minister of Conservation released a report on the Comission's investigation into a request for alterations to the licensed air emissions released from Louisiana-Pacific's oriented strandboard plant in Swan River. Click here to view the report.

Report on OSB Industry released


The CEC has released a report, North American Strand Board Industry Review, commissioned as part of the Louisiana Pacific Strandboard Plant Air Emissions review. The report may be viewed here.

LP OSB Plant Public Meetings


Public meeting dates have been set for the review of Louisiana Pacific Strandboard Plant Air Emissions. Please view the hearing section to find out more about the meetings and how to register.

LP OSB Plant and Emission Controls


On March 26, 2009 the Minister of Conservation requested the Clean Environment Commission conduct an investigation and provide advice and recommendations regarding a request from Louisiana Pacific to alter the operating license to allow the permanent suspension of the operation of the dryer press regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) at the Swan Valley Oriented Strandboard (OSB) Plant.
To view the Terms of Reference and other information visit the Hearings section.

Winnipeg Wastewater Report Released


Winnipeg Wastewater Nutrient Removal


The Minister of Conservation has requested the Clean Environment Commission to investigate the nutrient reduction and ammonia treatment at the City of Winnipeg???s wastewater treatment facilities.

The investigation to be conducted by the Clean Environment Commission re-examines one aspect of recommendations provided to the Minister in 2003 by the CEC as well as environmental licenses that were issued to the City of Winnipeg in 2004, 2005 and 2006 by Manitoba Conservation.

The investigation panel will consist of Terry Sargeant as Chair, Edwin Yee and Ian Halket.

As this is an investigation into one aspect of previously issued licenses and the overall topic was already addressed in hearings in 2002 and 2003, no additional public hearing will be held.

The Commission panel will, however, be inviting input from experts in the field as well as organizations that have a specific interest in the subject.

Should members of the public have information that is new since the completion of hearings in 2003, they may provide written submissions to the Commission before December 19, 2008.


OlyWest Hearing Cancelled


Hytek, the main proponent in the OlyWest hog processing plant has officially withdrawn its environmental licensing application for construction of the plant. The planned hearing is therefore cancelled.

IISD two-part report on Nutrient Loading Framework


Now available is a two-part report prepared for the Commission by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) on watershed management and a Policy/Process Review.

Visit the Hog Production Industry Review Hearing to view these reports.

Auditor's report on Livestock Program


The recently released Manitoba Auditor's report on Conservation's livestock program is available at

This link can also be accessed through the Background Information section of the Hog Production Industry Review Hearing.

Hog Report Released


The Minister of Conservation has released the Commission report, ???Environmental Sustainability and Hog Production in Manitoba???. The report contains recommendations made by the Clean Environment Commission Panel tasked with investigating the environmental sustainability of the hog production industry in Manitoba. Click here to view the report.

Those who have requested copies will receive them in the mail shortly. All municipalities and conservation districts will also be receiving copies. Additional copies are available by contacting the Commission.

New Commissioners Appointed


Two new Commissioners have recently been appointed by the Minsiter of Conservation. Norm Brandson comes to the Commission with many years of experience in the environmental field. Mr. Brandson is joined by Aurelie Mogan as our newest members.

Leaving the Commission this year were Harvey Nepinak, Connie Pringle and Dr. Barrie Webster. Dr. Webster leaves after more than 20 years of service to the Commission. We thank these individuals for their dedication and participation in Commission activities.

Report on Private Iterviews Available


University of Manitoba Expert Report


A report by University of Manitoba researchers on the current state of knowledge on a variety of issues related to the hog production industry is now available on line.

The report provides information on nutrients and water quality, manure storage, management and application, water use, pathogens and antibiotics, odour and air quality, policy and regulatory tools.

Public comments will be accepted until November 15, 2007.

Click here to view the pdf report.

Expert Reports Available


As previously noted, expert reports commissioned by the Hog Production Industry Panel will be available for public review. The first of these reports is now available with more to come shortly. This first report from the George Morris Centre provides an economic overview of the industry in Manitoba.

Public comments on expert information will be accepted until October 31, 2007.

Click here to view the George Morris Centre Economic Review.

Pembina Valley Hearing Report Released


Stan Struthers, the Minister of Conservation has released the Clean Environment Commission report on the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Supplemental Groundwater Supply Proposal. The report provides a summary of the information heard throughout the hearing, analysis of the issues and recommendations for the Minister.

Click here to view the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Report.

Public Hearings Completed


The public hearing portion of the Hog Production Industry Review concluded on April 27, 2007 in Winnipeg. All documents received during the meetings and written submissions received as of May 7 are available on our website. Visit The Hearing section to view the documents.

The Commission Panel will now review the information received and seek expert assistance on this and other available data to begin their evaluation and development of recommendations. This activity is expected to take several months.

Participant Assistance Extended


The deadline for Participant Assistance applications has been extended. Applications will now be accepted until the conclusion of the public meetings.

Participant Funding - Hog Industry Review


Small finanacial awards will be available to assist local, community, agricultural and environmental groups and individuals to prepare for represenatation before the Hog Production Industry Review Panel of the Clean Environment Commission.

Deadline for applications is February 7, 2007, noon CST.

Hog Production Industry Review


The Clean Environment Commission as requested, by the Minister of Conservation, will review the environmental sustainability of the hog production industry in Manitoba.

The Commission embarks on this task with a somewhat fluid process. There are a number of identified activities that will take place; their format, timing, location and scope will be shaped by issues and input from the many parties that will be involved.

Pembina Valley Water Co-op Hearing


A Panel has been appointed by the Clean Environment Commission to conduct a hearing regarding the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Groundwater Supply System Project. The Panel includes Ian Halket, Ken Gibbons and Gisele Funk and, will be chaired by Terry Sargeant.

The Panel met on June 28, 2006 to review the four documents submitted by the Proponent, the public comments received by Manitoba Conservation and background information gathered by the CEC office. On review of these documents, it was determined that the material provided by the proponent was insufficient to proceed with a hearing, and insufficient upon which to base any recommendations to the Minister. The Panel has therefore requested that the Environmental Assessment and Licensing Branch facilitate the collection of additional required information from the Proponent before the hearing process progresses any further.

Those who have applied to be Participants or to make presentations to the Panel will be advised of any further developments as soon as possible.

Hearing dates and locations have not yet been determined, these will be posted once they are finalized. Please check back later for updates.

Hog Industry Review Participation Guide


'Guide to Public Participation in the Clean Environment Commission Hog Production Industry Review' is now available. This document was prepared by the review Panel based on the input from the scoping exercise and other considerations. It provides a guide to potential participants for the upcoming public meetings.

Pembina Valley Water Co-op Hearing Completed


On November 7 and 9, 2006 a hearing on the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Supplemental Groundwater Supply Proposal was completed. The Panel now has 90 days to provide a report and its recommendations to the Minister of Conservation.

Participant Assistance Program Changes


Some small changes to the Participant Assistance Program (PAP) have been made cooperatively by the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission and Manitoba Conservation to increase efficiency and responsiveness. Applications for PAP are now available from the Commission and completed applications will now be submitted directly to the Commission Secretary. It is expected fewer steps in the process may accelerate the time it takes to review applications and award funding. All other procedures remain in place. No applications are being solicited at present.

OlyWest Panel Named


The Clean Environment Commission has appointed the Panel that will review the OlyWest Hog Processing Plant Proposal. The Panel will include Wayne Motheral, Ken Wait, Edwin Yee and Terry Sargeant as Chair.

Hog Production Industry Review Public Meetings


Registration and other information regarding participation in the public sessions in 14 locations in agro-Manitoba is now available.

Pembina Valley Water Co-op


The Minister of Conservation has requested the Clean Environment Commission conduct a public hearing on the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Supplemental Groundwater Supply System project. The Pembina Valley Water Cooperative proposes to move groundwater, by pipeline, from the Sandilands area to a pumping station at Morris and then into their distribution network. To view the Terms of Reference go to Hearings-Current Hearings. Hearing dates and locations have not yet been determined, these will be posted once they are finalized. Please check back later for updates.

CEC Launches New Website


Welcome to our updated website. The site has been redesigned to provide our clients with more complete information on public environmental hearings, information on how to participate, as well as an easy way to register or keep informed of Commission activities. Take a browse through; we welcome your feedback on our redesigned site.

CEC Launches New Logo and Identity


As seen above, the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission has adopted its own logo. The logo reflects the Commission???s role in protecting and providing a clean and green environment. The logo will distinctly identify the Commission in all its activities.

New Publication for Proponents


A short overview of the Clean Environment Commission hearing process, from a Proponent's perspective, has been produced. 'A Proponents' Guide to the Clean Environment Commission Hearing Process' appears in brochure format and highlights the steps and time frames required for the mandatory and discretionary activities involved in conducting a successful hearing. It is intended to provide some guidance about the process for prospective Proponents and Participants. The CEC hearing process takes upward of 6 months from the time of the Minister's request to delivery of the report to the Minister.

OlyWest Hearing Called


The Minister of Conservation requested that the Clean Environment Commission conduct a hearing respecting the OlyWest Hog Processing Plant Proposal.

No date for the hearing has been set as yet. Please watch for notices in the paper and on our website.

If you have interest in participating in the hearing and require funding assistance please review the participation guidelines and procedures, complete an application form(s)and send to the Clean Environment Commission.

New Members Appointed to CEC


Six new members have been appointed to the Clean Environment Commission by the Minister of Conservation.

Leaving the Commission are Lissa Donner and Myrle Traverse; the Commission thanks these individuals for their dedication to protecting Manitoba???s environment.

The Commission welcomes Margaret Allen, Gisele Funk, John Harvie, Patricia MacKay, Edwin Yee and Frank Young.