Participation Assistance Program

The Participant Assistance Program is authorized by the Minister responsible for The Environment Act. The Participant assistance program provides funding or other assistance to qualifying people and organizations to ensure effective public participation in the environmental assessment and review of major projects. Any person or group of people who intend to participate in a public hearing may apply.

Under the program, the project Proponent is required to provide assistance to approved Participants who, in turn, must comply with conditions set in advance of the hearing. The Minister will determine if the Participant Assistance Program will be applied to a project subject to a public hearing. If so, the Participant Assistance Program will be advertised to the public and applications may be submitted to the the Clean Environment Commission and will be assessed by a Participant Assistance Committee, composed of Commissioners.

To view or download the application guide, please click on Participant Assistance Application Package. To download an application form please click here.