Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Supplemental Groundwater Supply System

On May 26, 2006, the Minister of Conservation issued terms of reference to the Clean Environment Commission to conduct a public hearing respecting the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Supplemental Groundwater Supply Proposal (the Project).

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Panel Members

Terry Sargeant

Terry Sargeant has been the Chair of the Clean Environment Commission since January 2004. Prior to that, he was the Chief Appeal Commissioner of the Workers Compensation Appeal Commission.
In 1996, following almost twenty years of government service, with the House of Commons and the governments of Manitoba, Yukon and British Columbia, Terry enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, graduating in 1999. Following a year of articling with the Public Interest Law Centre, he was called to the Manitoba Bar in June 2000.
In other activities, he serves on the boards of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Border Crossings magazine, the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals and the Manitoba Council of Administrative Tribunals. Past service has included the boards of the University of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Gisele Funk

Gisele Funk currently resides in Boggy Creek. She is active in the Metis community and acts as chairperson and member on several local and provincial boards and committees. Gisele is a Job Finding Club Facilitator and Life Skills Coach.

Kenneth Gibbons

Ken Gibbons is a retired Associate Professor from the Department of Politics at the University of Winnipeg as well as having served as Chair of the University of Manitoba/University of Winnipeg Joint Masters Program in Public Administration from 1995 to 2004. He has been active on numerous committees at the University of Winnipeg such as the Senate, the Curriculum Committee, the Environmental Studies Committee, and the Research Ethics Committee. In addition, Ken served on the Steering Committee of the Manitoba Eco-Network from 1983 to 1988, and has been a member of policy advisory committees for the governments of Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Ian Halket

Ian Halket is a hydrologist with over thirty years of experience in water resources development and civil engineering works. Ian has a Ph. D. in Civil Engineering with an interest in water modelling. Ian teaches hydrology in the Civil Engineering Department at Red River College. He also consults on water resource projects in Nevada and Argentina. Ian has served on the Commission for the last 10 years.

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Pembina Valley Water Co-op November 7, 2006
Pembina Valley Water Co-op November 9, 2006


These documents are provided for information only. For the official and complete record of proceedings please contact the Commission.

Public Utilities Board
Patrick Watson
RM Piney
RM La Broquerie
Comment by Hugh Arklie
Cheryl Kennedy-Courcelles
RM Roland
Historical Understanding of Water Shortages and Floods in S. Manitoba
Water Stewardship - Role of Groundwater in Aquifer Management
PVWC distribution area table
Questions and Answers of PVWC by the CEC
Water Caucus Partial Response to questions posed by PVWC
Manitoba Eco-Network Water Caucus
RM Piney By-Law No. 45/06
City of Winkler
RM Stanley, Town of Morden
RM Morris, RM Franklin, Town of Morris
Town of Carman
RM Grey, RM Dufferin, Village of St. Claude
Lindy Clubb
Manitoba Eco-Network Water Caucus
PVWC Comments
Summary and Recommendations
Testimony of the Water Caucus of Manitoba Eco-Network
PVWC Water Conservation Plan
PVWC Background Study
Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Hydrogeology Overview
Pembina valley Water Cooperative - Groundwater
Pembina Valley Water Cooperative - Sam Schellenberg

Written Submissions

Frank Render
Save Our Seine
Comments Frank Render
Mr. Wanke
Manitoba Wildlilands

There are currently no videos posted for this hearing.

Final Report

Report on Public Hearing, Pembina Valley Water Cooperative, Supplemental Groundwater Supply System, February 2007

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