Regional Cumulative Effects Assessment

On March 2, 2017 the Minister of Sustainable Development asked the Commission to assist with the Regional Cumulative Effects Assessment by conducting public outreach.

Terms of Reference

On March 2, 2017 the Minister of Sustainable Development, issued Terms of Reference regarding the Regional Cumulative Effects Assessment for the Churchill, Burntwood and Nelson river systems. Information regarding the project and the Terms of Reference can be accessed below.

RCEA Terms of Reference and Documents under review
Terms of Reference for the Clean Environment Commission March 2, 2017

In its 2013 report on the Bipole III Project, the Clean Environment Commission (the Commission) made the following recommendation: “Manitoba Hydro, in cooperation with the Manitoba Government, conduct a Regional Cumulative Effects Assessment for all Manitoba Hydro projects and associated infrastructure in the Nelson River sub-watershed; and that this be undertaken prior to the licensing of any additional projects in the Nelson River sub-watershed after the Bipole III project.” This recommendation was accepted by Manitoba and a Terms of Reference for a regional cumulative effects assessment of hydroelectric developments was agreed to by Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro in May 2014. It should be noted the scope was expanded to include areas beyond that identified in the Commission’s recommendation to include the Churchill, Burntwood and Nelson River systems. The study was completed in two phases. The first phase was completed in May 2014, and included a compilation of available data and a description of the assessment approach to be used to analyze the data in the second phase. The second phase report was released in December 2015.

Background Information

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Clean Environment Commission Process Guidelines
RCEA Funding Application Package
RCEA Funding Application (Word)
RCEA Review Directive Update March 2017
Hydrolelectric Development in Northern Manitoba
Panel Questions and Responses from Working Group
Workshop Agenda
Workshop Slides
Transcript Workshop June 15, 2017

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Panel Members

Neil Harden

Neil Harden is a retired Professional Engineer with many years experience in the water resources field. He worked for more than 20 years as a Hydraulic Engineer and Hydrologist with the Manitoba Water Resources Branch, including during the flood of 1997. He also worked for Ducks Unlimited Canada doing wetland conservation across Canada. Neil served over 12 years on the Municipal Board of Manitoba. He has a BSc in Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree, both from the University of Manitoba.

Glennis Lewis

Dr. Glennis Lewis has a multidisciplinary academic background with two degrees in law (LL.B., LL.M.) and three degrees in science (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.). She has had a diverse career as an environmental consultant, researcher, federal civil servant and lawyer. Her work has focused on the development of environmental law and policy at national and international levels. She also has considerable experience with environmental impact assessment hearings. Dr. Lewis lives in Brandon where she continues to pursue her interests in environmental law, biodiversity conservation and natural history.

Serge Scrafield

Serge Scrafield was appointed Chair of the Clean Environment Commission in September 2016.

Mr. Scrafield retired from the Manitoba Government in 2014 after 38 years of service. For 22 of these years Mr. Scrafield served as an Assistant Deputy Minister for the former departments of Environment and Conservation and Water Stewardship. Early in his career he worked in land planning with the former departments of Municipal Affairs and Rural Development.

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson graduated from Red River College as an electrical technologist and worked for Manitoba Hydro for over 13 years. Terry and his wife then moved back to the family farm in the Elkhorn area and farmed for over 23 years. After selling most of their farm they moved to Virden, where they now live. Mr. Johnson then worked for the Virden Credit Union for over five years while being was semi-retired. During this time he served as councilor for the RM of Archie and as Reeve and later, for the town of Virden as councilor and Deputy Mayor. Terry has had the rare privilege of serving on a number of municipal, provincial and federal boards and local community organizations. Spare time is spent travelling and part time farming.

Tim Sopuck

Tim Sopuck was born and raised in Manitoba, earned a BSc (Hons.) in Zoology at the University of Manitoba and has worked for over three decades in habitat conservation and related fields. Mr. Sopuck is currently Chief Executive Officer of the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, where he has worked for over two decades. Prior to that he worked at Fort Whyte Alive (Director of Development) and Ducks Unlimited (Bio-Technician). Mr. Sopuck currently serves on the Boards of the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative, Canadian Land Trust Alliance, Prairie Habitat Joint Venture and North American Wetlands Conservation Council (Canada). Tim also has direct experience with the trapping industry, as well as a remote commercial fishery, having lived for 18 months in a Cree-and-Metis community in northern Manitoba.

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As set out in the Terms of Reference provided by the minister and outlined in the Review Directive, a web-based review process is to be available for those who may have comments regarding the RCEA, but are outside the region of interest. To submit written comments use the on-line system below, filling in your contact information and attaching a written submission. DEADLINE FOR WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS IS OCTOBER 2, 2017.

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Transcript CAC presentation September 14, 2017
Transcript York Factory First Nation, November 8, 2017
Transcript South Indian Lake (OPCN), December 7, 2017
Transcript Split Lake (TCN), December 8, 2017
Transcript Fox Lake Cree Nation (in Winnipeg), January 19, 2018


Critical Review of the Regional Cumulative Effects Assessment (RCEA) for Hydroelectric Developments on the Churchill, Burntwood and Nelson River Systems
Fox Lake Cree Nation presentation

Written Submissions

Critical Review of the RCEA for Hydroelectric Developments on the Churchill, Burntwood and Nelson River Systems - Sept29/17
Report from War Lake First Nation
Report from Town of Churchill
Report from Town of Leaf Rapids
Report from Manitoba Metis Federation
Report from Fox Lake Cree Nation
Report from O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation (South Indian Lake)
Report from York Factory First Nation
Report from Northern Association of Community Councils
Report from Norway House Fishermen's Cooperative
Report from Community Association of South Indian Lake Inc. (CASIL)
Report from South Indian Lake Fisher's Association (SILFA)
Report from Pimicikamak
Report from Tataskweyak Cree Nation

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Final Report

The Minister of Sustainable Development released the RCEA Final report on August 21, 2018. A limited number of printed copies are available on request.

RCEA Final Report

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