Manitoba Clean Environment Commission

Understanding the Process

We provide a forum at which the public can participate in environmental assessment and decision-making, and in offering advice and recommendations to the government

Glossary Licensing Legislation


The Environmental review and licensing process in Manitoba begins with the, Environmental Approvals Branch. Applications for permitting activities and licensing of developments are made to this branch.

The detail and breadth of information required in these applications varies with the type and size of the development or activity, as defined in The Environment Act regulations. The proposals are reviewed by staff from the Environmental Approvals Branch, other provincial and federal branches and departments for relevance, completeness and adherence to current regulations and standards. Announcements for public review of proposals are published in relevant newspapers, in other media and copies of the proposals are provided for review in the Public Registry, for a specified time. Once the public review period has expired, public and reviewer comments are considered and the branch/Director/Minister may then issue a license, provided the proposal meets current environmental regulations and standards; or have it referred to the Clean Environment Commission for a public hearing should there be a great deal of public interest or concern.

For more detailed information about the environmental review and licensing process in Manitoba please visit the licensing website.

Enforcement of Environmental Regulations

Once an environmental license has been issued, Environmental Compliance and Enforcement are responsible for inspections to ensure the conditions of the licenses are being met and other environmental regulations/standards are adhered to. To get more information on environmental programs, enforcement and regional contacts please visit environmental enforcement.